Corporate Responsibility


Finding future-proof solutions while dealing with present realities
Nurturing economic growth while fostering conservation
Investing in people while increasing self-sufficiency
Supporting communities without taking over local government responsibilities

We aim to have net beneficial impacts on our host communities. The most significant way we do this is through the economic contributions we make. To read more about our economic contribution, click here.

We run programs in partnership with Communities which:

  • Provide and support education
  • Provide and support health infrastructure
  • Prevent and treat HIV/Aids and malaria
  • Recruit locally
  • Source inputs locally
  • Communicate honestly and transparently with communities

Click below to see our Communities image gallery

Water is of vital importance to our mining operations and to well-being in nearby communities. We monitor and protect water sources, and invest in safe, secure and sustainable water supplies for communities. Click below to see our Water image gallery.

Our efforts to preserve Biodiversity extend far beyond our fences, and address challenges that pre-date our activities and will require attention well beyond our projects’ lifespan. We take the long view. Click below to see our Biodiversity image gallery.

Zambian women in rural areas are uniquely vulnerable due to their cultural status and low employment levels. We have a wide-ranging program of interventions in the Kansanshi and Kalumbila catchment area which aim to empower women and girls and improve futures. We focus on health, education and skills development, and sustainable establishment of income generating activities. Click here to see how we are working to empower women in our community.