Corporate Responsibility


First Quantum is only as strong as its people. We set out to attract and retain talented people at every level of our organization and provide them with the resources they need to succeed. They are treated with respect and dignity, they are paid good wages and benefits tailored to their region, and they have opportunities to advance and contribute to their fullest through a variety of career paths.

We consider the health and safety of employees and contractors at our operations to be a top priority. Our safety management system is both practicable and straightforward, designed to achieve the objectives of zero fatalities and reduced risk.

The leaders and managers of our operations are ultimately accountable for the protection of workers at our sites. They do so by establishing the right culture, providing the appropriate resources to train workers, developing procedures and maintaining the plants and equipment. They identify risks, implement controls and monitor every worker’s compliance with the procedures that were designed to protect them. Workers are responsible for following procedures, reporting any hazards and being fit to fulfill the work assigned to them.

To learn more about our workplace programs, please see our most recent Sustainability Report:

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