Corporate Responsibility


Code of Conduct

The First Quantum Code of Conduct applies to anyone who represents us, including directors, officers, employees and contractors. Executives and managers are required to make an annual acknowledgment of having read the Code, adhered to its principles and communicated them to those employees and contractors for whom he or she is responsible. Click here to read our Code of Conduct.


First Quantum is committed to making positive steps towards sustainable development through:

  • Economically viable investments
  • Technically appropriate operations
  • Environmentally sound practices and
  • Socially responsible actions

Download our Sustainability Strategy and Policy documents below.



Social Responsibility Strategy Estrategia de Responsabilidad Social
Human Rights Policy  Política de Derechos Humanos
Environmental Policy  Política Ambiental
Social Policy  Política Social
Occupational Health & Safety Policy  Política Corporativa de Salud Y Seguridad Ocupacionales