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Mining matters

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For today and
for our future.

Mining isn’t just important for us today, 
it’s incredibly important for us to ensure 
the future of our society. It’s how we get the materials we need to create all the things 
we take for granted. It’s not just in our phones and computers, it’s also how we get electricity in our home, and it is vital to facilitating the green energy transition.

Meeting rising

Researchers are predicting that the world copper supply will almost double before 2035. Its ubiquitous in society and powers the green energy transition – so as we grow and as we move towards the planet’s Net Zero 2050 goals, we will need ever more copper.

Some of this increasing demand will be able to be met through recyclable copper, but not all, the rest of it must be extracted from the ground. That’s where we come in.

Don’t just take our word for it. S&P Global, Wood Mackenzie and the International Energy Agency all agree, if we don’t find a way to increase production we will slow our progress on the clean energy transition.

Diversified and
secure supply chains

With copper such an important element in 
the future of society, it’s important that 
the supply is made secure, and no one business 
or country has too much control over its future. 
That’s not just important for copper either, its true 
for all the rare metals and minerals extracted from the ground. We need a diverse group of companies working to ensure the future of our valuable materials – ensuring fair competition, reasonable pricing and consistently increasing production 
for years to come.

It doesn’t have
to cost the earth

As expert responsible miners, we know that this increased demand can be met without costing the environments in which we work. Not only that, but it can be met whilst contributing to local economies, providing jobs for local people, and working with the local community to ensure that everyone benefits from our projects and our operations.

Environmetal workCommunity work

How modern mining works

Many people have the wrong image of mining. It’s a high-tech industry full of innovative engineering, with lots of intelligent people ensuring that the materials we need are extracted with care.

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About us

We are expert responsible miners with a unique approach and a proven track record. We focus on extracting materials that are vital to today’s society.

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Our operations

Our operations and future developments span four continents and diverse conditions. Visit each location to find out more about our mineral producing assets and new prospects.

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We know we can only succeed when we look after the people and places where we operate. It’s why we work with local leaders to find projects where we can make the biggest difference.

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