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How Modern Mining Works

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To some, the idea of mining brings up old imagery of hundreds of people walking into holes in the ground with spades in their hand and canaries in tow, but the reality of mining today is very different.

Mining is an industry revolutionised by innovative engineering, finding new ways to safely and responsibly make the most of any project whilst simultaneously minimising the risks for the people involved, for the surrounding communities and for our planet.

Lifecycle of a mine

Our view
on mining

We take our own approach when it comes to creating and running mines. We both develop and operate our projects and mines. We don’t use external contractors. That puts us in a far better position to get the maximum value from the mine. Because we operate what we’ve built, we are constantly learning to improve on every aspect of the mine’s lifecycle – helping us to create and operate mines that bring more value to society.

The people and places
where we work

Environmental stewardship and community engagement are essential for the success of our projects and operations. We can only succeed when we look after the people and the places where we operate.  For us, this means creating programmes in partnership with the local community. It means creating jobs and providing training to help people take those roles on. And it means working alongside local governments and leaders to find ways to ensure we’re looking after the environment too.

Job roles on
a modern mine

The jobs of miners today involve a lot less spades and a lot more machinery. Miners are more likely to spend their time maintaining and operating heavy equipment, optimising the mine’s processes, surveying mining sites, evaluating ore deposits, and ensuring everyone gets home safely.

Why mining matters

Mining is vital to our society. The materials that are extracted are ubiquitous in our society. Without mining, we wouldn’t have many of the things we take for granted in our daily lives.

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About us

We are expert responsible miners with a unique approach and a proven track record. We focus on extracting materials that are vital to today’s society.

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Our operations

Our operations and future developments span four continents and diverse conditions. Visit each location to find out more about our mineral producing assets and new prospects.

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We know we can only succeed when we look after the people and places where we operate. It’s why we work with local leaders to find projects where we can make the biggest difference.

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