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Our Board of Directors is ultimately responsible for the stewardship and long-term success of First Quantum. Acting with integrity towards employees, investors and host communities is essential to our success and to generating shareholder value.

Our Board is accountable to shareholders for the performance of First Quantum through oversight of management and the affairs and business of the Company. The Board recognizes its wider responsibility to employees, communities and other stakeholders, and it considers the impacts of our operations on communities and the environment.

The key roles of the Board include:

  • Strategy Determination and Delivery
  • Monitoring and Risk Management
  • Overseeing Stewardship of Human Health and the Natural Environment
  • Internal Controls
  • Financial Reporting
  • Succession Planning and Executive Remuneration

The Board's work is supported by a number of Committees of the Board which operate under specific Charters and enable detailed review of a range of policy and regulatory areas before decisions are made by Directors.