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Live and work in Panama

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Cobre Panama is one of most exciting new mining operations anywhere in the world. Join us and have the personal and professional experience of your life.

Spectacular beach-side city living; fast-paced, vibrant Panama City; sleepy mountain towns with close-knit community. Employees living in Panama are spoilt for choice.

Living and working

Living locally

La Pintada, our local town, is a charming foothill town, renowned for its Panamanian culture and natural beauty. It is home to artisans who produce Panama’s UNESCO-recognized sombreros pintados (painted hats.) Residents have access to small shops, recreational facilities, schools and medical facilities.

Penonomé, 1.5 hours’ drive away, is the main city in Coclé province. It offers larger supermarkets, restaurants and government offices. Residents love its small community feel and agreeable weather. Three hours’ drive from the mine is Coronado, a spectacular beach-side resort and town on the Arco Seco (“dry arch”) stretch of Pacific coastline, so named because of its low rainfall. Coronado has a flourishing expat community. There is a Country Club, several supermarkets, numerous leisure amenities, schools including an International school and medical facilities.

Living away

For employees working on rotation, we provide comfortable on-site accommodation. Recreational facilities include gyms, billiards, cinema and bars.

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Don’t be fooled by Panama’s tiny size. From beach to rainforest, mountainside to hundreds of islands in bright blue waters, modern skyscrapers to historic buildings: Panama has something to offer everyone.

Want to live by the sea and surf, fish and scuba-dive? You can do that in Panama. Want to live in a vibrant city, shop at high-end malls and eat at fancy restaurants? You can do that too. Nature-lovers? Panama offers world-renowned bird-watching in pristine habitats. You can choose to live in a supportive expat community, or immerse yourself and your family in Panamanian life.

With centuries of tradition and history, Panama’s culture is as diverse as its geography: a blend of African, American Indian, North American, and Spanish influences. Panamanians use the phrase, puente del mundo, corazón del universo, which means “bridge of the world, heart of the universe” to describe their country’s melting pot of cultures and unique geographical location.

Panama is economically progressive and offers solid infrastructure and First World amenities including world-class health care.

The tropical maritime climate is consistently warm and humid, with “wet” and “dry” seasons. Local weather depends which coast you are on: the southern, Pacific coast or the northern, Caribbean coast. From May to November, heavy rain showers are common throughout the country. From December to April, the north eastern trade winds bring abundant rainfall to the Caribbean side, whilst the Pacific side experiences a dry season.

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