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Climate Change

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The First Quantum approach to climate change, in keeping with our results‐driven culture, is to set tangible targets and focus on the identification and execution of projects which produce real outcomes.

As a responsible miner, we recognise our obligation to identify, assess and report on our actions to address climate change. We are working closely with our host countries on climate-related issues, within the context of the Paris Agreement’s Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs). This is being undertaken through a transition to sustainable sources of energy and continued support of reforestation initiatives.

The global transition to a low carbon economy represents a fundamental shift in the materials required for energy generation, moving away from fuel to minerals.

This will drive the demand for our copper and nickel products. We believe that responsible growth in copper production is essential to replace exhausted resources and ensure that the world has adequate supply to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

First Quantum seek to lower the greenhouse-gas (GHG) intensity of our copper production, we have implemented a carbon price for the evaluation of new projects to incentivize the use of lower carbon technologies and renewable sources of power.

We are constantly seeking ways to reduce the GHG emissions required for each tonne of copper produced, we look for energy efficiencies and opportunities to switch from high‐carbon fuels to lower or zero carbon energy sources. Over 2021 and subsequent periods we will be setting progressive and realistic targets with an identified pathway to achievement.

Our emissions‐saving innovations include implementation of world-leading technology. For example, our Kansanshi, Sentinel and Cobre Panama operations utilise electrical Trolley Assist Technology that lowers diesel consumption, saves on maintenance, increases speed and productivity and, crucially, reduces the carbon dioxide emitted in the production of each tonne of copper.

Our innovative approach aligns emerging technologies, working in combination to lower the environmental impacts of copper production.