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Tailings Management

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“First Quantum’s approach is to take ownership, be meticulous and adopt conservatism in the design, management and construction of Tailings Storage Facilities (TSFs). Potential TSF failure is recognised as one of the most significant risks within our industry, which is why First Quantum conducts regular risk assessments of existing and planned TSFs at Board and management level.

As CEO, alongside the site leadership team at each operation, I take a close interest in the management of TSFs at First Quantum. As a Company, we demand that an appropriately high level of expertise is involved throughout the processes of design, operation and closure of the facilities. I am updated regularly on the performance of our TSFs to ensure they are operated conservatively and within accepted guidelines, as developed by the world’s leading practitioners.”

- Tristan Pascall, June 2022

All First Quantum's Tailings Storage Facilities comply with internationally recognised standards and are carefully managed with operational controls, regular inspections and close monitoring to improve safety and reduce risks.

We manage 19 Tailings Storage Facilities (TSFs), of which 10 are active and 9 are closed. We recognise potential TSF failure as one of our most significant risks. That's why all our TSF's have therefore been designed in accordance with the guidelines of the Australian National Committee on Large Dams (ANCOLD) and the Canada Dam Association (CDA) or the European Union Legislative Directives.

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