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Governance Policies

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Our commitment to act responsibly is essential to First Quantum's success and our ability to generate shareholder value. Our sound corporate governance practices, and their regular review, are essential to the well-being of the Company and its shareholders.

Our governance practices are consistent with the requirements of Canadian National Instrument 58-101 - Disclosure of Corporate Governance Practices and the guidance suggested under National Policy 58-201 - Corporate Governance Guidelines. Our corporate governance framework governs how our Board operates through detailed Board and Board Committee charters which set out clearly how the Board manages its governance obligations. The responsibilities of the Chair are set out in the role description. On an annual basis, the Board reviews and updates the board manual which contains details of the governance framework and key policies to ensure that they remain relevant and appropriate.

Governance and Articles

Our Chair is Robert Harding. In this role he leads the Board and is a chief proponent of governance, assisted by the Corporate Secretary.

The Chair of the Nominating and Governance Committee is Kathleen Hogenson, who, together with the Board Chair, oversees the effectiveness of the Board’s individual members, and of its operation as a whole through the annual effectiveness review process. The outcomes and recommendations from the review inform the steps taken to improve Board efficacy, which is monitored throughout the year in consultation with the other Directors.

Further information on these key roles and other key documentation as required by Sec. 473 of the TSX Company Manual can be found below:

These articles were approved at the Annual and Special Meeting held on May 7, 2020.